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Ionic's ISAPI Rewrite Filter aka IIRF for IIS8

Ionic's ISAPI Rewrite Filter is a very popular and free filter for URL rewriting in IIS, however, the latest official version does not work in IIS8. I only recently moved from IIS7 to IIS8 and have been using IIRF- for a long time on IIS7, this is my preferred URL rewriting mechanism as its easy and fast, so, to my complete dismay, it would not work on IIS8 and I have quite a few sites that depend on it. After some digging, I realised only the redirect rules fail while the rewrites are ok, this turned out to be an issue with the code and something other people have fixed but did not make the fix available to everyone.

I requested the new fixed DLL to a number of people to which Pavel Surikov responded and gave me his new and improved code revision. Thanks Pavel. He added one extra feature besides fixing the broken redirects for IIS8; support for IPv6. So IIRF- is the version to have if you run IIS8 and above.

One other way to run IIRF on IIS8 is to use the old IIRF- version from the official website. But there are a couple of minor issues with it;

  1. This version is only available in 32bit, so in order for it to run in IIS8 which is 64bit, one would have to go to advanced settings on the application pool of the site running IIRF and set [Enable 32-Bit Applications = True]
  2. We also lose all the new features added after this version

The official IIRF CodePlex project seems to be stuck in version IIRF- for quite a while which is a shame for such a nice filter. I know allot of people now use the Microsoft URL Rewrite module (including myself), but IIRF still has a place in my armoury for its ease of use.

I'm not sure if the license agreement permits that I redistribute this new code revision but if anyone has an objection, please let me know and I will take any appropriate action.


Version File Size Requirements Screenies Hits
IIRF- Zip fileDOWNLOAD HERE 136 KB 3362


Due to the ongoing wave of malware, spyware, adware and other disruptive software found on the Internet, you must only download this software from trusted websites. It's always safer to download from the official website but the official website in this case does not have this code revision available. This is a derivative work based on the latest official open source code. It is my belief this new code revision do not contain any malware.


NO WARRANTIES of any kind are given, and in no event shall I be held responsible. That remains solely with you.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think...

NOTE: For complex or long technical questions email me directly.

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