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My IP History - Check and log your public IP history

By Nelson Pires
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My IP History is a free and portable application to quickly find out what is your current public IP. Its free, small, portable and a real alternative to checking online or digging into your network adapter.

It can be set to auto-check at any chosen interval and keeps a log file so you can see how your IP has changed over time. The minimum interval allowed is 15 minutes and it supports all versions of Windows.

The log file data is a comma separated list so you can easily import it into other tools and also shows the computer name, useful if you merge log files from different computers so you can identify the data from each one.

My IP History is fast and does not slow down your computer in any way. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Windows security

When you first run the app on Windows 8/8.1, you may be presented with a security prompt, this is because the system does not know the app and also because the app is not signed with an Authenticode Certificate which most small developers like me don't have. But don't worry, the app is safe and if you have any doubt just check with the VirusTotal online scan which scans files and URLs pointing to files with the most leading Anti-Virus brands. It gives results for the file and the website the file is hosted on.


My IP History is a portable app so does not have or need an installer. When no longer needed simply delete the file(s) and you are done. It does not leave any traces behind.



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Due to the ongoing wave of malware, spyware and other disruptive software found on the Internet, you must only download software from trusted websites. It's always safer to download from official websites like this one. My software contains no such dangers and you are encouraged to diligently perform further checks before installing and running this program. Never just download from any website.


This software is free to download, use and distribute, but you may NOT modify it in any way and redistribute. File copyright information and readme files must accompany the software at all times. NO WARRANTIES of any kind are given, and in no event shall I be held responsible. That remains solely with you.

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