Apps I developed, available here free to download.

My IP History - Check and log your public IP history

My IP History is a free and portable application to quickly find out what is your current public IP. Its free, small, portable and a real alternative to checking online or digging into your network adapter.

FileReboot - Remotely reboot a computer with a simple file edit

FileReboot is a free tool designed to remotely reboot a computer simply by editing a file. To achieve that, and in the least intrusive and most efficient way, this tool was conceived to run as a Windows Service which by nature...

Dimmer - Adjust the brightness of LCD/TFT/LED displays, screens and monitors

A small, free and portable utility for Windows to reduce brightness on LCD/TFT/LED screens, displays and monitors. Particularly useful at night with very low ambient light. It helps you control the brightness of your display...