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About me

About me

Hi there. I'm Nelson Pires, the developer, designer and creator of this web site.

I currently live in Portugal, a peaceful, sunny and beautiful country, where my passion for technology begun at the tender age of 11.

Also lived and worked in the UK for quite a number of years, where I graduated in the London Guildhall University (MSc (Master of Science (Computer Science))).

I'm married to a wonderful woman, one that understands the implications of living with a technologist, so, when I'm not hanging out with her, I'm either programming, strategizing the next big thing (I hope :-), building/fixing something, or, simply out farming or gardening. Also have 2 dogs, 8 chickens, 2 roosters and a hedgehog (all needing attention).

I'm multi-disciplinary, which means I wear many hats. In software development for example, I master a wide range of technologies, from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and PHP/MySQL here and there, but mostly .NET C# (MVC, Web API, Core) + MSSQL with all its power. I'm a proficient full-stack web developer and a Windows applications developer, some applications are available here in my website.

The technology stack of choice and the one I most use is without a doubt the .NET stack; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJS, ASP.NET/WPF C#, MSSQL and IIS.

In the past, I tried many work methodologies (always in the pursuit of efficiency) but occasionally got caught up in perfectionism, procrastination and over-planning (analysis paralysis and premature optimization was another problem). Currently, and being a passionate standardista, the work gets done in the best and most efficient way possible, always targeting high quality standards.

Microsoft Certified ProfessionalAn old timer in web related subjects with experience in back and front-end development, I'm also a host master, entrepreneur and a Microsoft Certified Professional with 37 years' experience in the computer industry and 26 years' in web development. I do what I do best on a daily basis (almost without exception) which means it's rather difficult to stop when I get home.

I wrote my first computer program in BASIC on a ZX Spectrum back in 1986. Soon after, I was contributing code and articles for the national weekly newspaper about tech and programming. Since then, my relationship with technology and software development has undergone numerous transformations.

As an individual, I'm always looking for new challenges and researching for new advanced techniques is a constant. I'm achievement-oriented and like to push the boundaries more and more each time, always trying to stay at the fore front of cutting edge technology.

I speak fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish so naturally I operate mainly for the English, Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American markets, but have a keen eye for emerging markets and opportunities. I love exploring the unexplored and having a go at the "impossible task", that's just my way.

Excelling at software engineering with a vast working experience in industries such as; Finance, Travel, Retail/eCommerce and more recently Healthcare. I'm a professional capable of tackling any challenge, so why not contact me to discuss that project you always wanted realised, or maybe just to say “hi!”?

There's more to myself than what's on this page and I very often help others without a price tag, which is one more reason for you to get in touch and have an informal chat about your technology needs.

Thanks for stopping by.