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Dimmer - Adjust the brightness of all monitors, screens and displays

By Nelson Pires
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Brightness control software for all your monitors

Dimmer - brightness control app for your monitorDimmer is a small and free application for Windows, designed to help control the brightness of your computer screen, monitor or display. This becomes very useful when you are in near/total darkness and the minimum brightness from your display or screen is still too much. Dimmer offers a fast and easy way to adjust the brightness of your displays and it can dim all your screens and monitors; LCD, TFT and LED backlit types (even old CRTs). It supports multiple screens, displays and monitors with convenient individual controls to adjust each one.

Always wondered how to reduce your screen brightness? Or, how to dim your computer monitor, screen or display? Wonder no more. Dimmer was created for this exact task, to lower the computer screen brightness and do it effectively and elegantly.

By reducing the brightness of your screens, Dimmer helps to protect your eyes, improve your sleep and has saved the eyesight of thousands of people since 2004. Some say it's better than carrots. Dimmer is designed to run on all versions of Windows, it's simple, intuitive and lightweight on system resources, ideal for everyday use.

Please note
Dimmer can sometimes be falsely flagged by AntiCheat software as being a bot. So, if you play games (multiplayer, FPS, etc.) do not have Dimmer running while playing. The new version of Dimmer will likely be a signed app and will not suffer from this problem.



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Dimmer has always been free. Keeping things running however, is not without financial cost. If you would like to support the countless hours and effort, put into researching and developing Dimmer, please consider donating. A big thank you to everybody that have contributed thus far.

Screen brightness adjustment the easy way

The need for this program came about when working at night with minimum ambient light in the room. This was uncomfortable and damaging to the eyes. So one day (back in 2004) I decided to develop Dimmer to solve this problem. The monitor brightness can now be easily adjusted via a slider and/or text input controls which are very easy to use.

Another convenient feature is that Dimmer does not require installation. It's a portable application. Simply extract into a folder and run. The program stores its settings into a file in the program folder (for your convenience) so the Windows Registry is not used. When no longer needed, just delete the program folder. When Dimmer runs, it will remember and dim the brightness to the level it was last used.

Dimmer has been much acclaimed over the years for its simplicity and as the best dimming software for displays, screens or monitors. Feel free to recommend it to your friends and family and you may link to this page if you wish. Hope you enjoy and find this software useful.

You may contact me for suggestions, bugs or critiques. All welcome.


Due to the ongoing wave of malware, spyware and other disruptive software found on the Internet, you must only download software from trusted websites. It's always safer to download from official websites like this one. My software contains no such dangers and you are encouraged to diligently perform further checks before installing and running this program. Never just download from any website.


This software is free to download, use and distribute, but you may NOT modify it in any way and redistribute. File copyright information and readme files must accompany the software at all times. NO WARRANTIES of any kind are given, and in no event shall I be held responsible. That remains solely with you.

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