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Remove word “category” from WordPress URLs

This question seems to pop up all the time around WordPress related forums and blogs, and it’s one of those that I have found a fix for and use all the time. I’m very surprised the WordPress team does not come up with a simple solution for this, there’s clearly an audience eager to have it.

Microsoft WebMatrix – the dawn of a new era

I was surprised when I first read just a few hours ago that Microsoft had released an open source software bonanza with it’s latest WebMatrix that include the likes of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many other PHP based goodies. At first I thought that it had to be a mistake or a monumental change in direction from the software giant, but it soon became apparent that’s exactly what they have done.

Welcome to my web page

I write this web page to vent out and share personal experiences about all kinds of subjects, including professional topics, life in general and everything else in between. I develop software for the web and windows, so you will find that most of my posts will be related to programming, design, implementation and the few annoyances that go with it. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is another one of my passions that I will blog about to a certain extent.